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Welcome to Indigo Art Therapy

Art therapy is a healing process that uses creativity to help you express deeply personal thoughts and feelings, in an environment where no-one will judge you. It helps you to get to the root of what is troubling you. It allows you to release the emotions attached to your memories so that you can deal with them and move on. As well as being a useful way of dealing with specific traumas, art therapy can help you to overcome problems you may experience in everyday life, including coping better with stress, being more organised and improving anger management.

In an art therapy session, you will have the opportunity to use a wide range of artistic forms, including painting, drawing, appliqué, exploring dreams, symbols and imagery. There are no rules, and no right or wrong. You just use the materials in whichever way feels right to you at that time. You do not need any prior art experience. You will have the opportunity to discuss your work with a trained therapist, but you don’t have to. Many people find that the creative process itself is therapy, even if no words are spoken.

How does art therapy work?

When we experience a trauma, our brain stores the memory of that trauma as an image rather than words. Whereas psychotherapy can help us to unlock and analyse our feelings, this relies on us being able to verbalise them. In everyday life you may have found yourself stuck for words, even though you have a clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want to say.

This can be all the more so when what we are trying to express is painful or abstract. Using another medium, such as painting, drawing or collage helps us to depersonalise our feelings, making it easier to express them. When you create art, the combination of your own personal traits and the artistic process itself creates potential for healing. Feelings of fear and pain themselves often hold intense creative energy. So, even if you are reluctant to create, and even if you feel that you can’t think of anything to draw, your subconscious will guide you even as you move with the art materials in a seemingly unstructured way. The process of creating and working with the art transcends the physical as it taps into the energies behind the images.

Transcending boundaries of time and space, art has the ability to nurture the soul. The mental and physical ailments of modern life can be an indication that we have become disconnected from our soul’s purpose.

Our dreams often hold the key to healing parts of ourselves, giving us an understanding of things we cannot verbalise. We just need to be open to receiving the healing, and with a trained therapist become responsible for a new direction or life pattern.