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“I don’t think I thanked you adequately yesterday for opening up such a precious tool for me…..

It is so important to STOP for a moment every now and again and really review who we are and what we expect of ourselves

The group was amazing and you really enabled everyone to be part of it, you brought the best out in all of us

It was such an amazing experience, something that I have never had the likes before….

Thank you again….my gratitude knows no bounds


Women’s Group Participant, 2014.


“Art with you has encouraged my thinking and assisted me in general about how I think about my art and subsequently myself in general. I loved art but never did any because I was always criticised. When I walked into your workshop and you said no-one will judge your art and it does not matter how it looks at the end, I allowed myself to try. I began letting go of what everyone else thinks and just allowed myself to go with it, both in art and in life. I realise it’s not about getting validation from someone else….And it’s good. In showing my artwork, I helped a family member understand what I’m going through. Being able to tap into these emotions is cool.”

Printed with permission  – Patient at Albert Road Clinic.

Why did I choose art therapy?

  1. I was very impressed by what I used to read from other people’s testimonials. I read that Art Therapy has a good influence on children. I wanted to help our children, C and K, adjust after our big move to Australia.
  2. I wanted to try and help C with his condition, Autism.
  3. I hope and believe Art Therapy can help him overcome traumas that he has experienced throughout his life.
  4. C does not socialise well, like other people. It is traumatic for him.
  5. I believe art is a beautiful way to express. C will be able to open up a bit more for social reasons.

I chose Simona Weinstein because when I searched in Melbourne, I was looking for someone that had soul and love, not just knowledge. When I heard that she had worked in Israel, I knew she was different and that she knows how to express love, not just knowledge. I followed my heart and I don’t regret it. It was the right choice.

The benefits I have seen since they began art therapy with Simona:

  • For K, he seemed to me to be showing a hidden aggression. He would never insult anyone verbally and he was always very nice, but through his behaviour I noticed a hidden aggression, not harming others, but towards himself. This was reflected by him developing allergies.
  • Now, he knows what he wants, and stands up for it. His allergies are gone. He expresses himself. He is also not seeing the whole immigration from overseas as traumatic, but rather as just an experience.
  • C was unable to go to the toilet by himself if people were inside the home, except if it was his brothers or me. Other visitors and family members would have to leave the house and wait outside in the back garden whilst he went to the bathroom; otherwise he was unable to release. Now he goes to the toilet when other people are inside the house. This was happening for 3 years, up until we came to art therapy.
  • We have started receiving positive feedback from his teachers. His maths teacher asked “what has happened? A miracle has happened to C”. For the last two sessions he worked by himself, and even finished before his brother. He refused help from the teacher, and finished on time by himself with accuracy.
  • Also, for the 1st time since we arrived he was invited by a school friend yesterday. He was so excited! Up until this point, I was thinking perhaps there is something wrong with us. I am just so happy this has happened. Thank you Simona.

Ms J, Melbourne – 23/8/2012

Simona is a warm, kind, sensitive and intuitive art therapist who uses her wisdom, knowledge, skills and talents to help her clients heal.  Her holistic, client-centered approach allows her to gently yet firmly guide her clients in gaining insight into belief patterns that don’t serve them so that they can experience greater authenticity in their lives.

L.W. Melbourne, Nov 2012

Art Therapy: It could be relevant for me… Could it?

…And you may well be wondering what on earth Art Therapy even is.

Here were my pre-conceptions:

  • Art therapy is only for kids. It wouldn’t be relevant to me.
  • I can’t draw, so I’ll be rubbish at it.
  • Nobody can figure out anything about me that I don’t already know!

Here’s what really happened…

Simona Weinstein made me feel really comfortable. I was asked what medium I wanted to use. I shrugged, so Simona suggested clay.

She asked me if there was anything that I particularly wanted to work on.

So I said that my kids were driving me nuts at the moment.

Before I knew it

  1. I had made 3 different pieces with the clay
  2. We found a resentment that had probably bothered me for the past 15 years.
  3. And we somehow went a long way to resolving most of that resentment.

The relief I felt after my session was amazing. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

As a final note: since the session with Simona, the kids no longer have a button to push in me. The button is gone. That means that we can all get along sooo much better. Thank you Simona.

Simona works with kids, adolescents and adults.

Dr. B. Gilboa, Osteopath, Victoria, 2013

The best things about the day were:

  • An opportunity to collaborate and share in a creative space.
  • Learning about techniques that can be used/ applied with our clients.
  • Having a new and exciting medium from which to grow as a team. This was well facilitated in an innovative way that reflected the individual and group needs of the team.

Kind regards

T.Mulvaney, Child and Family Worker, Family Life Service Centre Chelsea, 2013