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Indigo Art Therapy offers one-on-one sessions for all types of life’s stress and mental health issues. Art Therapy is effective in many areas such as eating disorders, anxiety, life changes, career moves, children, learning or behavioural challenges, autism, dealing with past trauma, dementia and life-threatening illness.The art therapy process begins with an initial consultation. There the therapist and client discuss objectives and the pathways to healing. People are gently guided through the process at a pace that is comfortable for them. Readiness is a large step toward achieving one’s goal.

Individuals can contact Indigo Art Therapy directly, or referrals are made via health care professionals. We work with professional organisations including Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia, Partners in Recovery Initiative (Australian Government) and the Office of the Public Advocate.



“…From our sessions I have not only been supported through a tough journey, you also assisted me with realigning my feelings, perceptions, thought processes, and upsets in my mind that I never knew were there!

…your sessions have given me courage, strength, clarity. And have assisted me greatly on entering into my new journey, my next chapter of my life…

I have to laugh in hindsight, I would walk into to our sessions on some occasions, not knowing what on earth we would have left to talk about, to unravel…but, somehow somewhere, you seemed to have the innate skill of uncovering the important issues, and helping me deal with them…

The art therapy side of the counselling is truly a gem, a very effective one too…

Yours sincerely,