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IMG_0070Simona Weinstein, the founder of Indigo Art Therapy is a qualified art therapist with a finance background. In 2007 Simona started Indigo Art Therapy. It is a counselling service using creative pyschotherapy for children and adults.  The first Indigo Art Therapy clinic (Armadale) opened November 2007 and attracted clients within a month of opening.  The second clinic (Israel) was opened in August 2009 and the third clinic (Elsternwick) was opened in December of 2011.  Currently Indigo Art Therapy connects with in excess of 1,000 people each month.  Indigo Art Therapy offers workshops and individual sessions in universities and hospitals.

Indigo Art Therapy is expanding into schools, aged care facilities, government departments and overseas art therapy retreats. The creative space aims to be within easy reach for local existing clients, allowing us to be very familiar with the area and the needs of the clientele.

Corporate groups, such as creative team building activities, school groups and other networks that can benefit from the sharing process, find the art therapy workshops powerfully effective, engaging and often …lots of fun. It’s about succeeding through creativity.

For more information about Indigo Art Therapy please call 0420 672 753.

Why the name Indigo?

INDIGO, the colour of the BROW chakra or third eye, is associated with following your soul’s path and trusting your own intuition. It refers to the ability to see things from a ‘higher’ viewpoint which fosters your personal growth.  I invite you to join me in Art Therapy to realise a more integrated sense of yourself, authenticity and self-acceptance in a creative and safe space.

The key to healing is in the name…. indigo : Go IN, DIG it out and let it GO


  • Melbourne School of Art, 1987
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Monash University 1995
  • Theta Mastery, 2005
  • Art Therapy at Ikon Institute, Melbourne, 2007
  • Art Therapy at Leslie Institute, Israel, 2009
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, 2011
  • Senior First Aid Certificate, 2012

Professional Recognitions

  • Australian Counselling Association, Professional Member
  • AAHTC, Board Member
  • IICT Member
  • Member of the Department of Education, Israel
  • Member of the Art Therapy PDSC at The Cunningham Dax Centre
  • Shire of Marysville for art therapy aid offered after Black Saturday Bushfires 2009


  • “Healing with Art Therapy. A picture in their mind, but stuck for words?”, The Professional Counsellor, The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, 2009
  • Interviewed on Israel National Radio, 2010
  • Art therapy and Dementia, “Catching the Train”, 2013
  • Art Therapy and Survivors of Abuse, “Cleaning up the Mess”, 2013